While attending Auburn, the best way to get to know others is to get involved with some of the several hundred organizations offered. At the beginning of my time at Auburn, I explored different organizations. However, none of them sold my heart quite like The Big Event. Each March, there is a day set aside for The Big Event, and Auburn students go out to homes, schools, businesses and more to assist in whatever needs may need to be met. These duties may include painting, raking, picking weeds and building.

The Big Event is an organization that simply wants to say “thank you” to the community of Auburn. It is important for Auburn students to thank the community because students take over the city nine months out of the year. The heart behind this organization is the community. The Big Event sets itself apart from other organizations because they are putting the community first and are willing to give back.

I was able to be a part of the leadership team for The Big Event for two years. The first year, I was on the sponsorship committee. My roles for the sponsorship committee included reaching out to local businesses to become sponsors for the event. I also worked inside the command center on the day of the event, which included taking phone calls from project coordinators to make sure their checklist was complete so they could leave their site. The second year, I was a part of the publicity committee. During my time on the publicity committee, we helped spread the word to students and community members. Our main goal was to make sure students were aware of The Big Event, but the event could not be successful without community members turning in a job site. We were also tasked with creating new ideas to publicize the event.


The Office of Special Events is a part of my work experience that has helped me the most regarding my major. Every time I go into work I learn something new. I have learned communication is key, planning is essential and events cannot be completed without teamwork. During my time at work, I will take RSVP’s, which has helped improve my communication skills. I will also complete any type of administrative tasks and work the events we host.