The logo I created was for myself and was made using Photoshop. Before I had created or began thinking about my logo, my professor talked to us about what makes a good logo and discussed some of the most popular logos. While we looked at logos, we noticed the colors most commonly used are black, blue, yellow and red. The most popular color used is red.

When I began thinking of logo ideas, I thought I wanted to use my initials. Using my initials would make my logo simple, and good logos are simple. Another reason I wanted to use my initials is because most all of my friends do not call me Payton, they call me PB.

Once I spent some time working in Photoshop, I decided I wanted to use my full name. I reminded myself the font and color should be simple, which worked out for me because I am a simple person. Using my full name would also allow people to actually see my name, and they would know who this logo belonged to. My name is often misspelled and using my name in a logo allows people to be familiar with how my name is spelled. No one likes having their name misspelled, so the more people see my name, the more likely they will be to spell my name correctly.

When I was choosing a font, I wanted a fun but subtle script. I also made sure the font would be easily readable for anyone. My font is only capital letters, which I liked because it fits my personality. I decided to choose the color blue because it is a color that does not cause a big distraction.