Writing is powerful and an activity I love to partake in. Writing is like reading to me in the sense that I get to escape into another world. If something exciting happens in my life, I can write down exactly how I feel. When I go back to the writing months or years later, I can relive that exact moment. Memories may not last forever but words can.

I never even knew I enjoyed writing until I wrote for my high school newspaper, which actually helped lead me to public relations. I have had the privilege of being able to take several journalism classes while at Auburn. For the fall 2016 semester I was able to write for three publications during my Digital Style and Design in Public Relations Messages class.

Take a look inside my magazine and see all of the good things that happen in my favorite city. When naming my magazine, I was inspired by all of the good things that go on in Auburn.

Inside the magazine you can learn about certain vegetables to plant in the fall, a summer abroad trip taken by an Auburn student, a donut shop with gourmet donuts, the punter for Auburn University’s football team hosting his own show and more.

Writing several stories for my magazine has helped improve my communication skills and writing skills. For about six weeks, I was in constant communication with interviewees and writing drafts for my stories. Week after week, I would be consistent with planning interview questions, completing interviews and then drafting the story. There were several times when working under the pressure of time was common, so I have been able to become a disciplined and quick writer.

I hope you enjoy my magazine as much as I enjoyed writing it. This magazine is a great showcase of what happens throughout Auburn.