Payton Beck, Auburn University, Tichenor Hall


I am a senior attending Auburn University. Auburn is also known as “The Loveliest Village on the Plains.” Education is a gift and it is often not seen that way. Auburn uses its resources and skills to give all students the best opportunity to learn. While in the classroom I feel as if I have been challenged, encouraged and prepared for life after college. Through my education at Auburn, I have strengthened my skills all while becoming equipped with new ones. Each person will have different skills they bring to the table, but I believe my skills set me apart from other students. Here is a link to my resume.

Payton Beck


Auburn University is home to hundreds of organizations for students to get involved with. I love being involved, and Auburn’s organizations allowed me to do just that. I found my niche, and I got to be a part of organizations that continue to be important to me. During my time at Auburn, I became encouraged to find a job. My work ethic has grown during school, and I have learned a lot throughout this process. My skills have been put to test through activities and work.