Did you know that you could create a secret board on Pinterest? You may have known there was a way to make a board secret, but you simply may not know how to turn the board on secret. You can have as many secret boards as you have public boards. The key to creating a secret board is when you begin to create your board, you must make sure you change the settings of the board to become a secret. The boards on Pinterest are automatically set to be public. You also do not necessarily have to keep the secret board entirely to yourself. You may add as many of your friends on Pinterest to join the board. You will invite your friends to join the secret board, but they must accept the invitation before seeing the pins.

Let's say for example that I am throwing one of my friends a surprise birthday party. I know I want to use Pinterest to look up party ideas, but I also know that this friend has a Pinterest account. I do not want my friend to see all of the ideas I pin because she might become suspicious, so this would be a great time to create a secret board.

Pinterest is rather new to the social media world. People do not only use Pinterest for leisure, but businesses can use Pinterest as a platform for their products. The neat thing about Pinterest is how it is used to inspire people through creativity and encouragement. The discoveries you find on Pinterest are endless. Whether you are hungry, looking for a do-it-yourself craft or shopping for the latest trends, Pinterest can assist the user. Pinterest can cater to the user as much as the user will allow it to.

During this tutorial I will explain how to create a secret Pinterest board. This tutorial was created using QuickTime.